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Shoulder Pain: Symptoms, Treatment

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder joint pain is a common musculoskeletal problem that can complicate even the most mundane daily activities. What is behind the development of shoulder pain?

Abdominal Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain can be dull, sharp and in the form of cramps. It accompanies various abdominal diseases and other health problems. So, what does it mean?

Joint Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Joint Pain

This kind of pain is the result of degenerative changes that are not only present in the elderly. Joint pain occurs frequently as a result of an infectious disease, inflammation or a symptom of another illness, for example, influenza. Very often, it is the result of excessive strain, poor posture or inappropriate footwear.

Heel Pain: What Causes it in Adults and Children

Heel Pain

Heel pain occurs quite often, and although most of the time there is no serious cause behind it, there can be a number of other underlying causes.

Shooting pain in fingers and toes: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Shooting pain in fingers and toes

Pain shoots into the fingers due to several medical problems that are different from local ones. They mostly come from other areas in the body, e.g. the neck or hip area.

Headache: The most common causes and how to get rid of it (types of pain)


Headaches are among the most common health problems people seek professional help for. Most cases are non-serious forms that may sometimes be a manifestation of a more serious condition.

Acetone Breath: Causes in Children and Diabetics

Acetone Breath

Acetone breath, or acetone halitosis, is a major manifestation of excessive blood sugar elevation in diabetics. However, it can have other causes. Do you smell acetone from your child's mouth?

Proteinuria - Excess Protein in the Urine


Protein in the urine is a sign of impaired kidney function, or occurs for other disease causes. However, some small amount of protein tends to be present in the urine even in the absence of disease.

Shooting Pain in the Ears, Pressure in the Ears due to Headache

Shooting Pain in the Ears

Pain that radiates into the ears, or ear pain, occurs quite often. The problem may either be directly in the ear, or have a more distant cause.

Ear Pain: Inflammation, Draught, Cervical Spine

Ear Pain

Ear pain occurs quite often. Its basis can be inflammation or draughts, but also the cervical spine. Actually, there are a number of other causes.

Pain that Radiates into the Shoulder

Pain that Radiates into the Shoulder

Shoulder pain and pain shooting into the shoulders are among the common problems. It can be acute or chronic. It is uncomfortable and limiting.

Shoulder Blade Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Shoulder Blade Pain

Pain shooting between the shoulder blades signals a variety of diseases of the organs of the chest or abdomen. The most common culprit is in the spine.

Pain under the Right Shoulder Blade

Pain under the Right Shoulder Blade

Pain shooting below the right shoulder blade can be caused by organ diseases, but also by muscular or skeletal problems. Often it originates from the spinal area.

Leg Pain, Cramps due to Fatigue, Back Spasms

Leg Pain

Leg pain is a common problem and has many causes. It stems from bones, joints muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves or skin.

White Tongue: Causes and Treatment

White tongue

White tongue is a common harmless phenomenon, especially in the morning after waking up. In other cases, a yeast infection or other disease conditions may be behind the condition.

Back Pain in Different Areas: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons to seek medical help and that renders the person unable to work. It is a symptom of a number of diseases.

Sore Throat: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Home Remedies

Sore Throat

Sore throat, or throat pain, is a fairly common problem in both children and adults. It has a variety of causes: viral or bacterial, accidental or another disease. Sometimes, home remedies are not enough.

Groin Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Groin Pain

Athletes in particular will be familiar with groin pain. The medical term is inguinal pain, and it is the result of overloading the area or an injury. However, pain in this area can also be caused by certain diseases.

Lower Abdominal Pain: Causes and Symptoms

Lower Abdominal Pain

Pain in the lower abdomen troubles women or men for a variety of problems that are normally benign. However, behind this type of pain can also hide a serious disease.

Aphthae: Causes, Manifestations, Treatment


Aphthae are among the most common inflammations of the oral mucosa. They affect approximately 20% of the population, both children and adults. Some people develop them only once and others develop them repeatedly throughout their lives. The cause is not yet fully understood.