Uhry: What causes the black dots? Can they be pushed out?

Uhry: What causes the black dots? Can they be pushed out?
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Eels, as we all know them, are not just a cosmetic problem. There are several reasons behind their appearance. They most often form on the face, especially on the nose. But other parts of the body are no exception. However, in addition to the visual aspect, one must be careful about a complication called inflammation.

Acne (also known professionally as comedones) is most often a symptom of various skin diseases. The best example is acne. But it can also be a reflection of hormonal levels in the body.

They occur in people who use anabolic steroids, such as some bodybuilders.

Sometimes comedones can also be found in people taking amphetamines, barbiturates and androgens. These also affect hormonal reactions in the body. In any case, pimples should be treated as soon as possible.

What causes comedones?

The formation and appearance of pimples in skin problems and diseases has basically two causes. The first is that there is too much sebum on the skin. The sebum clogs the pores, which results in the formation of pimple deposits.

The second possible cause is rapid cornification of the skin. If pimples are not treated in time, they can become inflamed and transform into rashes. In addition, they also secrete fatty acids that irritate the tissue. Regular cleansing of the face is also very important.

The typical period is puberty

acne woman with magnifying glass
In adolescence, acne is the most common disease. Photo source: Thinkstock Photos

Acne is typically a part of a disease called acne, especially at puberty. It is related to genetic disposition, increased hormone levels or the persistence of sebum in the sebaceous glands. However, it can also be due to various bacterial or yeast infections.

They affect up to 90% of adolescents.

Acne is a skin disorder characterised by an inflammatory process that takes place in a blocked sebaceous gland duct. The ducts of the sebaceous glands, particularly on the face, become blocked due to hormones.

What is the connection between hormones and pimples?

Androgens, which are produced in the adrenal glands and male gonads, are involved in the clogging. This is why acne occurs more often in men than in women. These hormones cause the sebaceous gland to become clogged due to excessive sebum production.

In addition, the skin becomes more oily, which is also not conducive to its condition and fitness. Also, bacteria accumulate in the sebaceous ducts. An immune reaction occurs and this results in inflammation.

Most often on the face and nose

Most often, pimples can be seen on the face, where there is the greatest density of sebaceous glands. Professionally, the areas with the highest content of sebaceous glands are called seborrheic areas. You may have heard the term seborrhea.

On the face, it is mainly the area on the nose and forehead. But there is also a high density of sebum formation outside the face. For example, on the shoulders, upper chest and also on the back.

Acne and skin care

Hygiene is also very important. If pimples have already formed, bacteria or yeast on the surface of the skin have a very big influence on their further progress.

This is why inflammation tends to be worse in people who are not so careful about the cleanliness of the skin in these areas.

man cleans his skin with a cotton swab
Gentlemen shouldn't neglect hygiene either. Photo source: Thinkstock Photos

Removing the comedones themselves is also a big problem. Extrusion is well known, but it has its drawbacks. Mainly in that if it is not done properly or fails, it pushes the pimples even deeper into the skin. This can cause inflammation and a rash.

For this reason too, it is better to leave the care to a specialist.

It is therefore best to give the skin a steam bath to soften it. This will help to remove the dirt and the pimples. It is important to do this treatment regularly. It is best to apply a special ointment to the affected area after the pimple has been removed.

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