Are you suffering from cutting in the eye? Find out the causes of eye pain

Are you suffering from cutting in the eye? Find out the causes of eye pain
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Cutting in the eye is one of the symptoms of eye inflammation or infection. But it also occurs with fatigue or dry eye syndrome. The external environment, namely dusty, dry and warm or windy weather, also has a big influence. Another cause of cutting in the eye can be allergies.

Cutting in the eye is an unpleasantly perceived pain in the eye. Often a person may have a feeling of sand in the eye or a feeling of having a foreign body in the eye. This symptom is very unpleasant. It is typical of various eye diseases. Often cutting and watery eye occur together.

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What are the causes of pain and unpleasant cutting in the eye, eye?
Does your eye hurt when you blink and do you feel sand in your eye?
What helps for this problem, are drops needed?

It may be inflammation, infection or other problem caused by external factors as well. This sensation is also experienced when the conjunctiva or cornea is mechanically irritated and when a foreign body penetrates behind the eyelid.

Inflammation and infectious causes

Cutting and pain in the eye is most common in inflammatory diseases, especially in the corner of the eye. A good example is conjunctivitis. Increased watery eyes, redness of the conjunctiva and itching in the eye are also present.

Redness and cutting is also present in conjunctivitis.

The child has inflammation of the eyes, conjunctivitis, i.e. inflammation of the conjunctiva
Cutting is a symptom in eye inflammation. Photo source: Getty Images

There are several forms of this inflammation, whether hyperacute, acute (sudden onset of cutting of the eye), or chronic. This division is based on the length of the course.

Inflammation can be both infectious and non-infectious. In infectious, the causative agents are various bacteria, viruses, fungi or other types of parasites that enter the eye.

Very often, cutting of the eye also occurs with inflammation of the cornea. Several different types of infections, inflammations or irritations can be imagined under this term. They cause eye pain, redness of the eye, visual disturbances, also sensations as if there is a foreign body in the eye, and sometimes even swelling of the eye.

The most common forms are herpetic inflammation of the viral type, or bacterial inflammation of the cornea, most commonly caused by golden staphylococcus aureus. Treatment is by eye drops.

Non-infectious causes of cutting of the eye

Woman has tired eyes, long work at the computer, dry eye syndrome
Fatigue after prolonged work at the computer causes cutting and other problems. Photo source: Getty Images

This group includes several reasons. Among these are the influence of the external environment, such as allergies, dusty environment, as well as eyelash growth defect. A special group are injuries to the eye and a foreign object in the eye.

Another case is fatigue. In fatigue, there is cutting in the eye, but also other problems such as visual impairment and headache. Long-term load on the eye by working with display units (monitor, TV) and long-term driving. Lack of sleep contributes to general fatigue and eye fatigue.

The external environment puts an excessive strain on the eyes, especially during windy weather, hot dry summers or, conversely, cold weather. And the same is true in harsh light, whether it is the sun during the summer or even during snowy winter days.

In summer, air conditioning dries out the eye, which can cause cutting. Dusty environments are equally detrimental, with the risk of dirt entering the eye area and under the eyelid. And the increased stress also applies to smoky environments.

Allergies as a reason

Non-infectious inflammations are triggered by external factors, such as allergies. This is also why, for example, cutting of the eye also occurs with allergies and allergic reactions, which can manifest themselves in this form.

The girl's eye is swollen and painful, possibly an allergy
Even with allergies, cutting, itching, swelling, redness and tearing are associated. Photo source: Getty Images

Allergies as such belong to the diseases of the immune system. In them, an immunopathological reaction occurs when the body's immune system reacts hypersensitively and disproportionately to a cause - an allergen.

A specific type is hay allergy, i.e. hay fever. In this type, there is also a cutting in the eye as a result of the allergic reaction. In this type, it is an allergy to pollen, but also to other external particles such as dust, mites or animal hair.

Part of the manifestations of this type of allergy is often a full nose, frequent sneezing, sniffling. In the eyes, hay allergy is manifested both by cutting, but also by itching, increased tearing, redness of the conjunctiva.

Irritation with eyelashes

Trichiasis is a rarer disease, but it also manifests itself in cutting of the eye. It is a disorder of proper growth of eyelashes. Instead of growing outwards, the eyelashes grow inwards (into the eye).

The eyelashes are rough and so the person has a stinging, cutting or foreign object sensation in the eye. The irritation is very uncomfortable. This condition can also be caused by loss of elasticity of the eyelid or the development of two rows of eyelashes instead of one. The treatment is to remove these eyelashes.

Dry eye syndrome

Eye drops, application to the eye, eye
Artificial tears help with dry eye syndrome. Photo source: Getty Images

Cutting of the eyes is also common in dry eye syndrome. This condition is a disorder of washing, moistening of the eye surface. It is caused by insufficient production of tears. These form a tear film on the surface of the eye.

In the syndrome, tears are formed in smaller quantities or are of poor quality. To moisten and protect the eye, their correct composition is important. They contain water, oil, mucus. They are associated with symptoms such as burning, itchy eyes, but also eye fatigue, impaired vision, sensitivity to light and headaches.

Injury to the eye and foreign object as a cause of cutting of the eye

Cutting in the eye can also be caused by an injury. It can be a superficial injury, but it can also be an injury that penetrates into the deeper layers of the eye. Another case is a foreign body in the eye. A foreign object gets under the eyelid. It then irritates the surface of the eye, and this causes discomfort and cutting.

An example of a foreign object that can cause problems and cutting in the eye is contact lenses. Contact lenses and other problems associated with them should be consulted with an eye doctor.

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