Child's blood type calculator: what blood type can a child have (+ table)

Child's blood type calculator: what blood type can a child have (+ table)

How to find out the blood type of a child? Does your child have A, B, 0, or AB?
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Blood group calculator: what group can a child have?

The expert guarantor of the article, Zuzana Kožlejová, MD, PhD, adds information:
The calculation of blood group does not serve as a paternity test, because there are exceptions (the so-called Bombay phenomenon). Red blood cells do not have certain features on their surface (agglutinogens A or B).

Blood is a fluid tissue. It is important for human life in several ways. It transports respiratory gases, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and components of the immune system.

Blood consists of blood plasma and several blood elements, cells and blood cells.

  • red blood cells - erythrocytes
  • white blood cells - leukocytes
  • platelets - thrombocytes

Red blood cells carry information about the blood group on their surface. Another important piece of information is the presence of antibodies in the plasma.

There are approximately 50 known blood grouping systems. The most important for transfusion or organ donation are the AB0 system and the Rh factor.

The AB0 system divides the blood into blood groups:

  1. A
  2. B
  3. AB
  4. 0

The Rh factor determines the presence of an antigen in the blood and on the surface of the blood cells.

Rh = Rhesus factor. It is named after the macaque macaca mulatta (rhesus macaque) in which it was discovered.

There are several Rh antigens. The most important is antigen D. If present, the blood is referred to as Rh positive (Rh+). If not present, the blood is Rh negative (Rh-).

The presence of the D antigen is important in donation.

Another problem may arise in the case of pregnancy.

Fetal blood carries half the genes from the mother and half from the father.

The father's half is foreign to the mother's body.

The blood of the mother and the baby don't mix, but in some cases a small amount of the fetal blood gets into the Rh-negative mother's blood. This triggers the production of antibodies. The antibodies cross the placenta.

In some cases, Rh+ fetal blood enters the mother's body. This can occur during physiological birth, section, placental abnormalities, amniocentesis, miscarriage or curettage.

When it passes into the baby's blood, the blood cells break down. This condition is also referred to as hemolytic disease of the newborn.

Rh negativity of the mother and Rh positivity of the fetus is a problematic combination. It is referred to as Rh incompatibility.

Currently, in this case, the mother is given anti-D immunoglobulin. This prevents the immunological reaction of the mother and the production of antibodies.

The table shows the possibilities of hereditary combination of blood groups.

Mother/Father 0 A B AB
0 0 0, A 0, B A, B
A 0, A 0, A 0, A, B, AB A, B, AB
B 0, B 0, A, B, AB 0, B A, B, AB
AB A, B A, B, AB A, B, AB A, B, AB

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