How is nail mycosis treated? Medication and surgery

In the treatment of fungal diseases of the feet and nails, local treatment is used first. For chronic and more severe problems, systemic therapy may be selected. Topical treatment is used if no more than 25% of the nail plate is affected.

Treatment is lengthy, but necessary. If neglected, there is a risk of complications, such as cellulitis, or inflammation of the skin (not cellulite). Diabetics have a predisposition to diabetic foot ulcers. Chronically infected people are a source of the spread of the disease at home and in public areas, such as swimming pools.

There are various nail polishes with an antifungal component for nail treatment. Skin mycosis can be treated with solutions and creams. These preparations have a combined effect of using an antifungal agent and disrupting the top layer of the nail.

The medicine better penetrates the damaged layer of the nail to get to the pathogens. These medications have a wide range of effects on various mycoses. However, as mentioned, the treatment takes time. Applyng topical antifungals needs to last at least 6 months and sometimes more than 1 year.

Topical nail agents by Scholl and Nailexpert are among the better one.

Systemic treatment is chosen if more than 50% of the nail area is affected. There are also various systemic antifungals. The medications are administered orally, i.e. through the mouth. A combined therapy is used may be used as well. It combines different local general antifungals.

The role of a combined therapy is to ensure the most effective penetration of the medicine into the pathogens, both inside and at the edges of the affected areas. A mycological examination and sample ollection for cultivation are used to determine the most suitable course of medication.

In some cases, surgical treatment is necessary. Its aim is to partially or completely remove the nail plate. This procedure is painful. It also carries a risk of infection. The nail bed can also be removed with carbon dioxide (CO2), a laser or a chemical.

Modernity enables us to choose among cutting-edge methods, such as photodynamic therapy, UVC radiation, laser therapy or iontophoresis. Of course, besides treatment, prevention of issues from relapsing is also very important.

What about home remedies?

For example, garlic, vinegar (regular, or apple vinegar), and tea tree oil have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects.

Colloidal silver has similar characteristics. It is known for its effects on various skin ailments.

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