What is fitness and how to keep fit?

What is fitness and how to keep fit?
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Be fit! It's an old slogan from long ago, but it's still applicable today. What does fitness actually mean?

For some, the joy of exercise and a lifestyle. For others, perhaps an unnecessary and strenuous thing.

The term fitness refers to the practice of sporting activities with the aim of increasing physical fitness, physical fitness, and improving posture. Overall, it has a positive effect on a person's physical as well as mental health.

It develops strength and other fitness accepts, but it does not just mean working out in a closed fitness center.

What is fitness?

If we answer that it is playing sports, we are right.

However, there is no such thing as sport.

The key word is fit, which translates to ready, healthy or in good shape.

In short, fitness can be described as the development of physical fitness and mental health.

It involves the use of various special machines, weights and trainers, but it can also be done without them. For example, with your own body weight.

The ordinary physical education we did in primary school is absolutely ideal as a start.

Fitness isn't just about working out, as some people mistakenly believe. It's all about movement and exercise. Physical exertion that helps us unwind mentally while developing our physical fitness.

For some people, fitness is a lifestyle.

There are those who do it competitively. Some want to use it for a certain period of time to achieve a goal. For example, to lose a few kilos. But then they find that it's not just about losing a little fat, but also about maintaining a certain level of fitness.

Fitness helps with that too. You just have to get on a certain wave and then stay on it.

In this article you will read how to lose weight and lose fat.

We want to be fit, feel better, and get healthier.
But the question needs to be asked:
What have we done so far to do this?

In some countries, people get a break during working hours to go for exercise. They have found that a person unwinding through physical exertion gives much better work results.

What else can you read in the article?
How to keep fit
Fitness and diet

Everyone has a choice.

You can exercise even after working hours. If you want to, you can find the time.

There is no need to perform above average and to exhaust yourself beyond a tolerable level. It is enough to exercise for the joy of movement too. It is still more than nothing.

So let's do it!

How to keep yourself in good shape?

Keeping physically fit should consist of at least two components.

Endurance and strength.

To train both is not a problem even in limited conditions.

Either we include both components in one workout or we train them separately.

Before each workout it is necessary to warm up the body and get it in a state to be ready to give increased physical performance.

If possible, a shorter run of up to 5 minutes is suitable. This is followed by a warm-up to ensure that the muscles are energised.

It is not advisable to perform static stretching before exercise. This is used to relax the muscles and their tendons and is particularly suitable after training, up to several hours afterwards.

The so-called dynamic stretching is suitable before training. Simply as an alternative, the warm-up as we know it from physical education is also sufficient.

Training can then be divided into weight training and aerobic (cardio) training.

In this article you will read what cardio training actually means.

Strengthening the body can be done with various machines, dumbbells, weights both indoors and outdoors. It helps to increase the strength and volume of muscle mass. It strengthens the muscle tendons and joint ligaments.

The goal can also be achieved by exercising with your own body weight without any weights. It is an excellent alternative especially for beginners.

Aerobic training (cardio) is a workout used to develop endurance. It is especially suitable for those who want to lose some kilos. It can include running, cycling or even swimming. This workout should be done for at least 20 to 30 minutes for better effect. Especially when done as a separate unit from strength training.

Both components are important for the development of physical fitness.

These are some of the basic effects of fitness on our body:

  • Development of overall physical fitness
  • positive effect on physical and mental health
  • endorphin release
  • weight reduction
  • development of strength and endurance
  • social aspect in the form of meeting friends (group training)

If we are focusing on weight reduction, it is good to focus more on the endurance component (cardio). However, it is important to include strength training in a certain volume and quantity. Otherwise, we will only lose kilos and the body will languish.

If we want to gain muscle volume and strength, it is necessary that strength training is predominant. However, for the general development of fitness, it is also necessary to work on endurance and include a little bit of cardio training.

In this article you will read how to build your own training plan.

Both components can be trained at the same time. There are specific training methods for this. They develop strength endurance, but as a goal for strength development and fat loss they are ideal.

They are so-called high-intensity interval exercises in the English abbreviation HIIT.

For example, tabata.

However, these exercises are not for beginners or people with limited fitness. For example, for health reasons.

However, if someone is going to take up fitness, they should see their doctor beforehand. They should consult with them or, if necessary, get an examination to see if this sporting activity is suitable for that individual.

Remember that relaxation is just as important as training.

The body needs time to recover. We can include relaxation exercises in our training programme.

Static stretching, spinal exercises, a relaxing bath or a bit of wellness, yoga, etc.

It is best, if possible, to set aside one day a week for this. At that time, we should also devote at least 30 minutes to such exercises.

Indulging in rest after each workout is a must.

Fitness and diet

Equally important, perhaps the most important part of all fitness is diet.

If fitness becomes a lifestyle for someone, diet will go hand in hand with it.

We mean a healthy and balanced diet. One that will contain all the necessary ingredients.

This article will tell you more about the essential nutrients in the human diet.

It's not enough to pay a little attention to diet if you want to lose weight. Top athletes, even those who need a lot of muscle volume and strength, are careful about what they eat.

They should set an example for us in how to eat.

It is not only when we are reducing our weight that we need to be careful about our diet, because it is also very important from a health point of view what we put into our bodies. What we draw from for our growth and development.

Nutritional supplements are especially suitable for professional athletes.

Article about nutritional supplements.

The two components, sport and diet, are closely linked. During sports, the body usually works at its limits. Metabolism is increased. After training, it needs to replenish the ingredients necessary for its proper functioning.

If a person needs to gain strength and muscle volume, he needs a greater amount of protein. However, here too, the quality of the protein is decisive.

The body cannot be burdened with a low-quality and inappropriate diet. Animal fats should be replaced by vegetable ones. Nuts and other high-quality food components are suitable.

Pork chops, fried in fatty oil, are not free.

A suitable article on the Mediterranean diet.

Don't be persuaded to go on various drastic reduction diets with restrictions on different food ingredients. An athletic body needs them all.

However, their quantities are important.

In the table we list what the diet should contain and what should be avoided:

Suitable diet Inappropriate diet
  • Poultry meat
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Vegetable oils, especially olive oil
  • legumes
  • soya and soya products
  • rice, potatoes, pasta
  • wholemeal bread and wholemeal products
  • Cereals
  • fresh fruit
  • lots of fresh vegetables
Soups and compotes are not a substitute for fruit and vegetables
  • fatty and fried foods
  • sausages
  • pork and pork products
  • animal fats
  • white flour products
  • avoiding large quantities of sauces
  • large amounts of salt and sugars
  • compotes
  • limit your intake of milk and dairy products, but it is not necessary to exclude them completely, but hard cheese can be useful here and there

No need to bother with a calculator to calculate calories burnt and calories taken in.

You need to move regularly and honestly, at least 3 times a week and for at least 30 minutes. You don't need to overeat, but you don't need to starve yourself either. You need to set yourself to a certain level and just maintain it. The body will adapt.

In this article you will read how to eat properly during weight loss, but not only during it.

We don't need nutritional supplements to lose weight or gain muscle mass. We just need to push ourselves hard and get good exercise. A good diet is also part of this.

That's what fitness is all about.

It's the desire and willingness to do something for yourself. To feel better and relaxed.

And by the way, age doesn't matter at all.

It's the joy of movement.

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