Treatment of yellow fever: lowering the temperature and other measures.

There is no direct treatment for yellow fever yet that treats the cause, so it is treated symptomatically. In practice, this means that, especially in the first phase, medication is given for:

  • temperature reduction,
  • the body's state of hydration is maintained,
  • a person has to rest and lie on a bed,
  • any major physical activity is not recommended.

Once the disease enters the second phase, more intensive treatment is important:

  • infused glucose and other supportive substances are administered,
  • it is necessary to follow a liver-sparing diet (if the disease more seriously attacks the liver or kidneys),
  • blood transfusions are given to replenish red blood cells when bleeding occurs,
  • high doses of vitamin K are given,
  • if renal failure occurs, extracorporeal blood purification by haemodialysis must be performed.

On the positive side, if a person overcomes the disease, it usually does not leave any further consequences and complications on his/her health.

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