Treatment of diphtheria: Drugs and early antibiotics

It is necessary to hospitalize the patient in the hospital and monitor the development of his/her health. If diphtheria is confirmed, the patient must be isolated and strict care must be taken to avoid contact with other persons.

Treatment of diphtheria currently consists mainly of antibiotics. The usual treatment is penicillin or erythromycin, to which the diphtheria bacterium has minimal resistance.

The treatment includes injection of diphtheria immunoglobin, which is an anti-toxin agent. This drug prevents the toxin from entering the patient's tissues and bloodstream.

It also includes local treatment of the upper respiratory tract, lowering the body temperature and supplying the necessary nutrients to the body. It is important to rest, avoid excessive physical activity and strengthen the patient's immune system.

If symptoms persist for several days, the doctor indicates steroid-based anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce airway inflammation.

Treatment for diphtheria may therefore include:

  • Antibiotic treatment.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Supportive treatment
  • Bed rest
  • Administration of oxygen (oxygen therapy)
  • Intravenous fluid administration
  • Airway patency treatment
  • Heart and vital signs monitoring
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