Treatment of psoriasis - medications and biological treatment

Treatment depends on the type and form of the disease. In case of local occurrence of psoriasis, ointments containing corticoids, tar, or salicylates are applied. Various cytostatics, such as Methotrexate or retinoids, especially vitamin A derivatives, are also used in whole-body psoriasis.

In the systemic form, drug therapy or injection is used. However, side effects can also occur. And so regular blood and liver testing are needed.

Disposable antibiotics are also given in some very acute forms. Especially if the effect of infection is proven. Antihistamines and sedatives are given against itching.

Alternatively, biological treatment is also available. The biological treatment uses preparations that are similar to the body's natural molecules. Their effect is to stop the course of the disease, at the level of the immune response.

The most effective therapy with positive results is phototherapy. Regularly, the affected area of ​​the skin is exposed to UVA and  UVB rays every day. This treatment is then combined with treatment through the mountain sun and with the classic treatment with tar preparations. Photochemotherapy, also known as PUVA, is a combination of the UVA method with the application of psoralen.

A completely different form of treatment is an alternative treatment. It is used as an adjunct to treatment. Helps and relieves some symptoms. Preparations made from salt from the Dead Sea or Aloe vera are used.

The treatment of psoriasis takes into account several factors, such as:

  • age of the affected person
  • the severity of the disease
  • range
  • current treatment and its success
  • contraindications as well as the safety of treatment
  • associated diseases

Several experts can work together at the same time to treat psoriasis. Namely a general practitioner, dermatologist, rheumatologist, internal medicine physician, and also psychiatrist.

It is necessary to adjust the lifestyle as well. And even eating habits, sufficient drinking regime. It is suitable to increase physical activity, sports. Natural sunlight acts as a plus. Of course, not the excessive sun.

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