Treatment: What helps with menopause? Medications, hormones.

Climacterium can cause individual health problems for women, both physical and mental.

It is necessary to remember that this is a natural time-limited process in the body of a woman, which can not be prevented.

However, it is possible to alleviate the manifestations of menopause and significantly affect its symptoms.

Elimination of the manifestations of menopause is based on pharmacological hormone replacement therapy, supportive natural therapy and preventive measures.

Tips on how to cope with this difficult period for women are very much available today. Which tips are the most effective for you?

Hormonal treatment

Doctors are inclined to hormone replacement therapy when menopause manifests itself in a pronounced way. It is mainly indicated for urinary incontinence, genital atrophy and progression of osteoporosis.

However, for some medical conditions, such as a bleeding disorder or breast cancer, it is not possible to have this therapy.

It is therefore necessary to consult a doctor, who will then determine the exact treatment.

The basis of hormone therapy is the replenishment of estrogen and progesterone into a woman's body. Whether in the form of oral or subcutaneous. This type of treatment is highly successful, especially in the manifestations of hot flashes and excessive sweating.

For some women, hormone therapy could increase the risk of blood clots, myocardial infarction, stroke, and breast cancer.

It is therefore necessary to consult hormone therapy with a doctor.

Natural treatment with phytoestrogens

This is a natural treatment using the beneficial effect of herbs.

Some plants contain a high proportion of phytoestrogens: natural substances similar in properties to estrogen.

The word "phytoestrogen" comes from the Greek word phyto (plant) and the word estrogen (hormone).

These herbs include the black cohosh (also called black bugbane, black snakeroot, or fairy candle), the vitex (also called chaste tree, chasteberry, Abraham's balm, lilac chastetree, or monk's pepper), the common sage, the red clover, and the common flax (also called linseed).

Phytoestrogens are mainly found in plant-based foods such as soy. This includes foods such as soy milk, soy yoghurt, figs, plums, strawberries, tomatoes, nuts, beef, products containing royal jelly and many others.

In addition to the above-mentioned herbs, lemon balm is also suitable and has a beneficial effect on psychological and mental health due to its calming effect.

The common yarrow (also called old man's pepper, devil's nettle, sanguinary, milfoil, soldier's woundwort, and thousand seal) is good for incontinence problems and for lowering blood pressure.

St. John's wort is known for its overall positive effect on eliminating the symptoms of menopausal syndrome.

Black cohosh
Black cohosh. Zdroj foto: Getty Images
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