Treatment of histamine intolerance: medication and diet

Treatment of histamine intolerance requires the strict restriction of histamine delivery to the body. The basis for this is the exclusion of foods high in histamine. However, the diet also requires the restriction of products that indirectly affect higher histamine levels.

The diet should be followed only after the diagnosis of the disease.
Unjustified dietary changes are inappropriate.
Fresh foods with a minimum content of histamine are recommended.
Food should not be stored or heated after preparation.

Antihistamines are administered as drugs.

In pharmacological treatment, it is important to be careful that in the long-term treatment of another disease, a person does not have drugs that block DAO function, such as antidepressants, some analgesics, antirheumatics, antihypertensives, diuretics or mucolytics, and others.

Short-term pharmacological treatment involving the administration of a DAO enzyme replacement.

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