Calculate MET: Measure the energy intensity of an activity (calculator)

Calculate MET: Measure the energy intensity of an activity (calculator)

Movement activity burns calories. Use the MET calculator to get an approximate result of the amount of energy needed.
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MET Calculation - How many calories do I burn during physical activity?

MET is an abbreviation of metabolic equivalent. More precisely, metabolic equivalent of task.

MET is an approximate estimate of the amount of energy our body needs for a particular activity.

How do you use this figure?
when exercising and "measuring" the intensity of your workout,
when losing weight or just for fun.

The definition states...

1 MET is defined as 1 kilocalorie per kilogram of body weight per minute of activity - kcal/kg/min
or also 3.5 milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute of activity - ml/kg/min
1 MET reflects the resting oxygen consumption of 3.5 ml of oxygen during a seated rest.

Energy consumption varies for different physical activities. The type of activity and the intensity of the movement influence the energy and oxygen requirements.

The MET values were determined by observing and monitoring oxygen consumption during different activities. Subsequently, the average oxygen consumption per unit time was determined.

At 1 MET, oxygen consumption is equal to oxygen consumption during sitting rest.

At 2 MET, oxygen consumption is twice as high as at rest.

The goal was to determine the rate of energy the body consumes during a particular activity. The higher the intensity of the activity, the more oxygen and energy is consumed.

It further states:

  • MET less than 3 = light intensity
  • MET 3 to 6 = moderate intensity activity
  • MET more than 6 = high intensity

The table lists some activities and their MET/intensity

MET/Intensity Activity
Very light and light
1 Session
1,3 Standing
1,8 Sitting and learning
2 Office work Walking at a slow pace Light standing work
2,5 Walking downhill Cooking Light cleaning Shopping Pushing the pram Walking the dog
Moderate intensity
3-3,5 Walking and walking at work Standing work - assembly, repair, etc. Driving tractor, bus, truck Washing car, windows, floor Sweeping outside the house Harvesting fruit, vegetables
4 Walking up stairs Dancing Quiet cycling Work in the garden Painting, bricklaying
5 Walking at a fast pace and walking on the ground Faster dancing Carrying objects 11-22 kg Digging, digging Cutting wood
High intensity
6-7 Race walking Ice skating and roller skating Working with heavy tools such as a pickaxe Intense dancing Hiking and walking in the mountains Swimming
8-10 Cycling 25 km/hr Rowing, canoeing Football, hockey Circuit training or weight training

The calculation of the MET calculator is of course only indicative. The approximate value cannot be an exact indicator.

Everyone is different, individual. Everyone's metabolism works differently.

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