What is my blood pressure - low, normal or high?        (systolic/diastolic)?

What is my blood pressure - low, normal or high? (systolic/diastolic)?

What is your blood pressure based on the readings? Is it low, ideal or high? Remember: both low and high blood pressure are risky in terms of manifestations and possible complications. Is a change in lifestyle enough, or do you need medication? Detailed information on how to reduce high blood pressure and how to increase low blood pressure is presented in our articles.
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What is my blood pressure - low, normal or high? Systolic/diastolic pressure.

Blood pressure is one of the most monitored vital signs at home.

It is important for maintaining blood circulation in the blood vessels. Blood pressure is caused by the function of the heart and the resistance of the vascular wall.

Blood pressure is highest in the aorta.

It is divided into two values: systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Its values are influenced by several factors.

Blood pressure is affected by:

  • the volume of blood in the bloodstream,
  • the elasticity of blood vessels,
  • viscosity (density) of blood,
  • age,
  • body mass,
  • physical and psychological (emotional) burden,
  • sex,
  • time of day,
  • injury,
  • diseases,
  • medications,
  • outdoor environment.

Upper blood pressure of 100 to 139 and lower blood pressure of 60 to 89 mmHg are reported as normal.

Blood pressure measurement:

  • Low blood pressure = 80/50
  • Normal blood pressure = 120/80
  • High Low blood pressure = 150/90

Both deviations from normal have their downsides. For a number of reasons, it is therefore advisable to know your blood pressure.

The health risks in the case of low blood pressure are mainly known to women. Why? Some of them have lower blood pressure earlier in life. They know about this, especially during normal activities, when they feel dizzy and faint.

Girls and young women may have a predisposition to hypotension.

In general, it is better if blood pressure is lower than 120/80, approximately 110/75. This value has a preventive character against cardiovascular diseases.

High blood pressure is one of the diseases of civilization. Its danger stems mainly from the fact that it goes unrecognized for a long time. Its first mention can be a serious threat to health and life.

For this reason, importance is attached to its measurement, for example, during a preventive check-up.

Table: a simplified view of blood pressure in adulthood (low, normal and high)

Systolic pressure
Values is mmHg
Diastolic pressure
Values is mmHg
Low pressure under 90 60
NORMAL values 120 80
Hypertension above 140 90

The values vary for different age categories.

Normal blood pressure values according to the age of the child:

  • newborn 70 - 90 systole and 45 - 55 diastole,
  • infant 70 - 90 systole and 50 - 60 diastole,
  • 5 year old child 80 - 110 systole and 55 - 65 diastole,
  • over 16 years of age 100-120 systole and 65-75 diastole.

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