Blood type calculator: What's your parents blood type?

Blood type calculator: What's your parents blood type?

Need to find out what blood type one of your parents has? Is it A, B, AB or 0? Our calculator will help you with the calculation. However, you need to know the blood type of the child and the other parent to do this.
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Blood type calculator: What's your parents blood type?

The blood carries a multitude of elements, cells, substances. It is an important liquid tissue and without it life would not be possible.

In addition, it also carries information about the type. We already know from school that we know several blood types.

A, B, AB and 0.

Why are blood groups important?

In everyday life, we do not realise the importance of this piece of information. However, in order to save your health and life it is necessary to know this detail.

In some cases it is important to know the type. Examples are blood loss, anemia (anemia), trauma, surgery, organ transplantation.

Of course, no online calculator is sufficient for professional purposes. A blood lab will examine the blood group, the presence of Rh factor, and in specific cases for other parameters.

Did you know...

Now you know your blood type, but just out of curiosity, would you like to know what the options are for your parents?

It is not completely accurate, but you can roughly derive the possibilities from the table below, or just use the calculator.

Table: hereditary blood group combination options

Mother/father 0 A B AB
0 0 0, A 0, B A, B
A 0, A 0, A 0, A, B, AB A, B, AB
B 0, B 0, A, B, AB 0, B A, B, AB
AB A, B A, B, AB A, B, AB A, B, AB

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