Pregnancy Calculator: Fertile and Infertile days. What is your due date?

Pregnancy Calculator: Fertile and Infertile days. What is your due date?

Are you planning to become a parent and want to know when you have the best chance of getting pregnant? Or do you want to avoid pregnancy? Our pregnancy calculator and ovulation calendar will help you calculate fertile and infertile days.
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Pregnancy calculator

Want to know about your fertile or infertile days?

The pregnancy calculator is a good aid in planning parenthood. It will help you find out the period when you have the best chance of getting pregnant.

Calculate your dates for the highest chance of getting pregnant.

In addition, the calculation can even give you an estimated due date.

Calculate your fertile days.

What is more, you can also calculate your infertile days. The calculator gives you an insight into the days when the pregnancy rate is low. Of course, if you are not planning pregnancy yet, you should also use other aids and techniques to prevent it.

The pregnancy calculator indicates fertile days, but does not prevent conception outside this time period.

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