Due date calculator: Date of delivery and Week of Pregnancy

Due date calculator: Date of delivery and Week of Pregnancy

Want to know your most likely due date? Your gynaecologist might have an answer. Or you might want to use our due date calculator to get the approximate date of birth (if you have the day of conception).
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Due date calculator: Date of delivery and Week of Pregnancy

Calculating the most accurate due date is somewhat difficult. After all, it is impossible to determine 9 months in advance the specific day your baby will come into the world.

Question: Why is it not possible to calculate the exact due date?

One reason is that you might not know the exact time of conception (fertilisation). However, even if this date is known to you, a number of factors influence pregnancy and fetal growth.

Another reason is the length of the menstrual cycle, irregular menstruation and various hormonal diversions.

A more precise date and also the date of delivery will be determined by the gynaecologist on the basis of a sonographic examination. The date may also be adjusted several times during the pregnancy based on the findings.

But if you are interested in getting at least an approximate due date, our calculator will serve you well. There is a possible variation of plus or minus 2 weeks.

An upside is that the calculator will calculate at least the approximate week of pregnancy for you, which will tell you how many days until delivery.


Please remember: physiological childbirth is from the 38th to the 42nd week of pregnancy. What is your date of delivery within this period? Bear in mind that it is much more important that everything goes well.

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