ABSI - calculator  Calculate the risk of obesity based on body shape

ABSI - calculator Calculate the risk of obesity based on body shape

ABSI - A Body Shape Index is the body shape index. It takes into account several body parameters. It is more accurate than BMI and WHR. Based on its result, we can estimate the risk of cardiovascular disease.
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ABSI - body shape index. Calculate the risk of obesity and disease

ABSI = A Body Shape Index

This is a modern and more accurate calculation that reflects the amount of risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

It is more accurate than the BMI and WHR index.

In general, it states that health is compromised if a person is too thin or, conversely, obese and has a large belly.

Formula for calculating ABSI:

ABSI = waist circumference / (BMI x height½

ABSI takes into account:

  • sex,
  • age,
  • height,
  • body weight,
  • waist circumference.

The BMI does not distinguish between muscle mass and fat. The BMI result may therefore be inaccurate. Considering the health risks, the WHR index is slightly more accurate. However, the ABSI is even slightly better in terms of accuracy.

The advantage of BMI is speed and the advantage of WHR/ABSI is accuracy. However, WHR/ABSI work with more data and are more complex.

Table: ABSI index and cardiovascular disease risk measure

Age Men Women
30 0,079 0,077
40 0,081 0,078
50 0,083 0,079
60 0,084 0,081
70 0,085 0,083
80 0,088 0,085

Table: health risks according to ABSI z scores

Risk ABSI value with
very low less than -0,868
low between -0,868 and -0,272 
average between -0,272 and +0,229
high between +0,229 and +0,798
very high more than +0,798

High ABSI = high proportion of abdominal fat compared to the rest of the body = increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or cancer. 

Of course, it estimates these risks based only on the proportion or shape of the body. It does not take into account other factors, as there may be other associated diseases.

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