BMI calculator: Low, ideal or high body weight?

BMI calculator: Low, ideal or high body weight?

Do you know your BMI? Check out our calculator so you can quickly and easily find out your body mass index and risk status. Is your weight low and do you suffer from malnutrition? Is your weight ideal? Or do you have a problem with overweight and obesity?
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The calculations are indicative

BMI calculation formula

The calculations is: the body mass divided by the square of the body height.

BMI = m/h²

m = body mass in kilograms
h = body height in metres

< 18,5 Underweight
18,5 - 24,99 Normal range
25 - 29,99 Overweight
30 - 34,99 Obese (Class I)
35 - 39,99 Obese (Class II)
> 40 Obese (Class III)

BMI index

BMI s tands for Body Mass Index. It tracks a person's nutritional status and gives an indicative view of body weight. It determines the degree of underweight, overweight or obesity.

A plus is that the result can be used to predict an individual's risk of health complications and negative factors.

The advantage of BMI is the speed of finding the result with minimum data required. Height and weight are mostly known by everyone.

However, it is not as accurate as other forms of measurement.


A high BMI of an athlete or a bodybuilder will show a high value that is not accurate. A person with a lot of muscle mass is not obese, even if his/her BMI result is above 30 points.

Of course, for the general population this is a handy, simple and yet quick way to determine the level of nutrition and possible health problems resulting from malnutrition or, conversely, overweight and obesity.

Categorisation Values/ class
Severe underweight < 18,5 / low BMI
underweight (severe thinness) < 16
Underweight (moderate thinness) 16 - 16,99
Underweight (Mild thinness) 17 - 18,49
Normal range 18,5 - 24,99 / normal BMI
Overweight ≥ 25 / high BMI
Overweight (pre-obese) 25 - 29,99
Obese ≥ 30
Obese (Class I) 30 - 34,99
Obese (Class II) 35 - 39,99
Obese (Class III) ≥40

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