Blood volume and component calculator:        What is the number of your blood cells?

Blood volume and component calculator: What is the number of your blood cells?

How many litres of blood do you have? Our calculator will tell you the approximate volume and how much of each blood component, blood cell or platelet is represented. In addition, the calculation includes the maximum possible rate of blood loss up to the point of endangering health and life.
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Blood volume and component calculator: What is the number of your blood cells?

Blood is the most important fluid tissue of the human body. Of course, it is the carrier of many substances, nutrients, gases, and thus many elements necessary for life. It is also the carrier of waste substances that need to be carried away from the body.

It circulates in the blood vessels and its driving force, i.e. pump, is the heart. It has been working without a break for a lifetime.

In school we were taught that on average we have about 5 litres of blood in our body. The actual volume depends on several factors. Examples are body weight or gender.

For men it is a little more and for women a little less.

The volume of circulating blood is important for maintaining the functionality of the heart as a pump and circulatory system.

In general, blood loss of about 0.5 to 1.5 litres can be compensated for under certain conditions. Of course, the rate at which blood is lost from the circulation and a number of other momentary characteristics of the organism are important.

In an acute blood loss above 1.5 liters, your health and life are at risk. Long-term blood loss can be compensated by the body within a certain period of time. However, anaemia (and other health problems) occurs.

The calculation will give you an approximate idea of what volume and individual representation of blood components you have.

The calculation is indicative and is in no way a substitute for a professional examination.

Some interesting facts about blood:

  • blood makes up approximately 8-9% of the body's weight,
  • throughout life, blood cells are renewed,
  • 56% of blood is plasma - the liquid part,
  • 44% of blood is made up of blood elements such as red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets,
  • blood contains and transports proteins, salts, carbohydrates, hormones, dissolved gases, nutrients (sugars, fats, vitamins) and other components, as well as products of metabolism,
  • blood flows in a closed system of blood vessels,
  • blood maintains homeostasis, i.e. the stability of the internal environment and pH, osmotic pressure,
  • the pH of the blood plasma is strictly guarded in the range of 7.35 - 7.45,
  • blood is divided by blood group and Rh factor according to the AB0 and Rh +/- system.

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