Blood Alcohol Calculator: What's the Estimated Alcohol Residue?

Blood Alcohol Calculator: What's the Estimated Alcohol Residue?

Have you been drinking alcohol and you'd like to know how much alcohol there is in your body? Findout using our calculator. However, please note that the values are only approximate, the actual residual alcohol in your breath and blood cannot be determined by this method. Also, please remember that the combination of alcohol and driving a vehicle or an ordinary bicycle is unacceptable.
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Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Calculator

Wondering what your blood alcohol content might be when you wake up after a night of drinking? Do you remember what and how much you drank?

ATTENTION! Any calculation done online is purely informative. It is in no way a substitute for measurement with a calibrated alcohol tester. It does not serve as a full-fledged verification of whether you can get behind the wheel of a car.


We are all different, each of us is an individual. While one person's alcohol breakdown result may be 100% valid, another person might get an erroneous result.

Alcohol, or ethanol, from the blood is broken down and therefore removed by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH). This enzyme is mainly found in the cells of the liver, stomach and kidneys.

Did you know?

  • So far, 7 types of ADH are known.
  • Each variant operates at a different speed.
  • The rate of metabolism affects the tolerance of alcohol and its elimination time from the blood.
  • Each person has a different "ADH equipment".
  • It is proven to work at a lower rate of efficiency in women, thus it takes longer to remove alcohol from the body.

Keep this in mind...

Breathalizers used by the police for measuring residual alcohol is only one negative side of the coin. Be aware that risky driving can become a problem for others as well. Reckless actions can cost someone's health and life.

And that's not worth that moment of joy with ethyl alcohol, is it?!

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